Baking With Children - now there’s an idea!

I’ve been baking for over 10 years now, but it was throughout lockdown, like many, I reconnected with it as something fun, therapeutic and deeply satisfying to do at home.

Having never really stopped work since the arrival of our little one Sophia almost 3 years ago, I’d also never baked with her. Baking to me, was work, and I didn’t want to do work at home. How wrong I was. Baking with my toddler was hilarious, albeit a little messy. It felt great to be sharing something I love so much with her. It also felt like an easy way of checking off the personal mum points to myself of learning through play/ activities. Not just plopping her in front of the TV whilst I baked something. She showed so much interest in the process and of course the eating!

Being back in the Cakery when the world began to creep back to a more normal reality, I knew I wanted to share this experience with others. However I knew it could be easier, and less messy with the help of some careful planning by us!

Lo and behold, the Bake-Your-Own (BYO) S’mores kit was born.

Our S’mores are our signature bake. People used to make special trips just to get them, as well as queue around the corner. These are now exclusively available to order online, as well as being available nationwide - so more people can enjoy them. This felt like the best thing to make accessible to you guys at home.

If somehow you don’t know what a S’more is, our version of one is:

2 chocolate chip cookies, stuffed with handmade chocolate ganache and handmade marshmallow fluff. As we make this all ourselves, this is also vegetarian - something veggies can’t always enjoy due to the gelatine in marshmallows.

In the pack you get enough cookie dough, fluff and ganache to make 8 S’mores at home. The cookies only take 15 minutes to bake so it’s a nice easy activity.  Weighing and rolling the cookies is simple and fun. The ganache and marshmallow come ready in piping bags, ready to squeeze and stuff once the cookies are cooled.

Everything will keep in the fridge for a few weeks if you can’t manage eating them all in one go. You can also freeze all the contents to ’S’more on Demand’ for weeks to come.

Bake Your Own S’mores - for Big Kids and Little Kids alike.

A perfect weekend activity, rainy day treat, evening pick me up or gift to a friend. Order yours here:

 Baking With Children - now there’s an idea!